We simulate a unique 3D domestic sewage network in VR and you learn how to place it. This VR experience offers a limitless amount of practice opportunities, which would be difficult in real life

Case Review

RTC Oost-Vlaanderen approached Supportsquare to address the challenges faced by numerous technical and vocational schools, such as the high costs of materials and limited opportunities for hands-on practice. In response, Supportsquare created a training program that utilizes a domestic sewage simulation system. This VR-based training program is crucial for achieving significant learning objectives. With collaboration from educators and other industry experts, we successfully developed this innovative solution, which has now been implemented in numerous schools throughout the Flanders region.

The VRiool training offers students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in three progressive levels. In the initial level, students are placed at various critical points in the process of constructing a domestic sewage system. Here, they learn essential skills such as differentiating between RWA and DWA systems using color-coding, selecting appropriate materials for pipe bends, applying chamfers and lubricants to pipes, and more. 
In the second level, students utilize a sewage plan to build a domestic sewage system from the ground up. They can also identify and address any flaws in their system and make necessary revisions. 
In the final level, students advance their abilities by practicing with slopes in the domestic sewage system.


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