Enter a chaotic construction site in VR where safety is in jeopardy. Armed with a camera, your mission is to uncover and report the hazards lurking around every corner. Can you survive this virtual workplace nightmare?

Case Review

Thomas More and multiple schools sought out Supportsquare to create a VR safety training program aimed at raising students' awareness of the dangers on a construction site. By providing this training, teachers can better prepare their students prior to beginning their internships at actual construction sites.

SAVR consists of  four  phases . Phase one provides a  tutorial  on how to navigate great distances and utilize the VR camera. During phase two,  race against the clock  to spot a specified number of randomly selected  hazards  on the site. In the  feedback phase , the site manager guides you through all identified and unidentified hazards, highlighting the potential dangers in each. Finally, complete a  quick emergency procedure  and proceed to the designated gathering area.


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