Fire Hazard

​ Learn to use a fire extinguisher like a pro in our VR serious game. Discover the appropriate extinguisher to use in various situations, and test your skills by putting out every fire!

Case Review

Supportsquare was enlisted by  Constructiv  to enhance their safety courses and  increase awareness  of the various hazards present at a construction site. As a result, Supportsquare designed  four distinct virtual reality safety modules  that seamlessly integrate with the safety courses. Working closely with educators and safety specialists, we successfully created a solution that is set to be implemented in numerous schools and businesses across Flanders.

'Fire Hazard consists of three challenging levels. The first level begins with a brief tutorial, teaching you essential skills for moving and object-grabbing in VR, such as retrieving a fire extinguisher. In level two, you'll acquire fundamental knowledge on preparing a fire extinguisher, maintaining a safe distance, avoiding rising smoke, and other critical elements. In the final level, you'll apply these skills to realistic situations and tackle various fire hazards. Receive valuable feedback after each scenario to improve your performance, if necessary.


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