Fall Hazard

In this VR serious game, you'll roam a construction site, honing your ability to spot potential hazards with an emphasis on heights and falling. But that's not all - you'll also have the chance to propose a solution, potentially averting an imminent accident!

Case Review

Supportsquare was enlisted by Constructiv to enhance their safety courses and increase awareness of the various hazards present at a construction site. As a result, Supportsquare designed four distinct virtual reality safety modules that seamlessly integrate with the safety courses. Working closely with educators and safety specialists, we successfully created a solution that is set to be implemented in numerous schools and businesses across Flanders.

Fall Hazard immerses you in two distinct zones of a construction site. The first zone requires you to concentrate on falling hazards on the ground floor, including dug pits, holes in the floor, workers standing on a wide slab floor that's being lifted, and more. 
The second zone requires you to focus on hazards such as missing railings, incomplete stairs, broken ladders, and window openings on the first floor during construction. As you navigate both zones with a camera, you must capture a picture of any hazards you encounter. Subsequently, you need to propose a solution for the hazard and observe the outcome when you select the right or wrong solution.


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